“If the Church of Jesus Christ rises to the challenge of HIV/AIDS it will be the greatest apologetic the world has ever seen.”

Ravi Zacharias


Qualifications for Volunteer Facilitators

Ideally you should have a good understanding of HIV/AIDs and how it is spread. Have compassion for those living with HIV and time to volunteer. It is also helpful if you are in one of the following professions, but not essential: community health worker, social worker, community leader, teacher, nurse, guidance counselor, pastor or bible student, or an artist. If you are an adult living with HIV and you live a healthy lifestyle you are also encouraged to become a facilitator.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Attend Maarifa Facilitator’s Training (or watch the training videos online)

  • 3+ hours of preparation and facilitation time per class/one Maarifa Chapter

  • Older youth that complete program may be asked to become peer mentors or volunteer facilitators

Maarifa relies on volunteer facilitators who have a heart for adolescents and feel called to serve them. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and we need volunteers to help accomplish that goal.

Although Maarifa is a psychosocial support program through it we are seeking to care for the whole young person. Development is a process that involves physical, social and emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Nurturing each area of a child’s life is called holistic child development. The clinic is responsible for a young person’s physical well being, for example, by providing ARVs.

It is Maarifa’s hope that their family, friends and community would meet their social and emotional needs – although that is not always the case. That leaves the mental and spiritual health where Maarifa and the local volunteers could fill the gap. However, because this is a holistic program we will delve into all four aspects of development to a significant degree.

We make it real easy to volunteer. If there are no Maarifa training programs in your area you can watch the training videos on our YouTube channel. In addition, the Maarifa Facilitator’s Manual covers the following information:

  • Information on using and reprinting the manual, a Biblical view of holistic care, the framework of Maarifa, who should facilitate the curriculum and tips for facilitation.

  • There are 10 chapters, each with an easy to use guide including openers, a devotional, a prayer, one act of the Maarifa play, questions for the small group discussion, suggestions on how youth could express themselves through art and lastly a sheet that should be taken to parents/guardians that explains the main topic of the day.

  • An appendix at the end of the Maarifa manual constitutes additional resources which instructors can use for both their own understanding and as teaching aids.

“If the Church of Jesus Christ rises to the challenge of HIV/AIDS it will be the greatest apologetic the world has ever seen.”

Ravi Zacharias

If we lose site of the people involved, we fail to be effective HIV educators, care givers, or in any other sense involved.

Duane Crumb

Health Facility Participation

Health Facility Participation

We have found the classes worked best when held at a health care facility (either government or private) where adolescents receive their ARVs and treatment, on pediatric AIDS days, and when facilitated by community volunteers who have been trained in the Maarifa curriculum.

We propose that the clinic or community center take responsibility for:

  • Provide space for Maarifa meeting

  • Contact and inform adolescents living with HIV (ALHIV) about Maarifa

  • Have at least two health professionals per clinic that have watched the volunteer training videos


Church Participation

Church participation differs from church to church, but generally churches want to be helpful in their communities.

Ways churches can participate:

  • Have members or church staff become volunteer facilitators.

  • Provide food for Maarifa classes or funds for food

  • Provide financial support of income generating projects to support the Maarifa classes.


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